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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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Kevin Taylor

Student Support Worker

Hey everyone, My name is Kevin Taylor.

My role here at Fleetwood as a Student Support Worker (SSW) is to engage with and support students on a social and emotional level. I work with students in one to one and group settings. We work together and come up with strategies that can be used to help make each day a successful day at school. Some of these skill topics may include but are not limited to; Healthy relationships and connections, leadership, work habits, conflict resolution, problem solving, social skills, anger control, self-esteem, positive peer connections and/or goal setting. Goals can be achieved through effort, focus and self-determination. We will be engaged in activities through social interaction, crafts, wood working and playing games. 

My motto is: If you think you can or If you think you can't. Your right.                                                                              Henry Ford

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