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Run Club Information

We are thrilled to be starting up a Spring Running Club for all students at the end of March. Kindergarten
students are welcome but must be accompanied by their parent/guardian on the runs. The running club will
take place on:
• Mondays/Wednesdays and coached by Ali Wensmann and Meagan Hewitt. Plan to arrive at 7:50am
and meet at the portable doors on the EAST side of the school for attendance.
• Tuesdays & Thursdays and coached by Jennifer Staples. Plan to pick up your child promptly at
4:20pm from the NORTH EAST door of the school as there is no supervision past this time.
If your child would like to participate in Running Club, you MUST fill out the following links to participate:
Students will be running outdoors and will need to dress appropriately for the weather (t-shirt,
sweatpants/track-pants, running shoes, water bottle) and a positive attitude!
We have planned a schedule that includes four runs a week. If each participant does each run on the schedule,
they will run the full distance of a marathon, 42 kms, divided over 31 runs. Runners Soul is hosting a Little
Souls Kids Marathon race on Wednesday May 29th at 6:30pm held at Chinook High School. This race
completes the marathon distance of 42 kms. Registration and participation will be up to individual families to
do on their own. You can find more information and register here.
Students are encouraged to participate in all runs, but it is not mandatory.

April 8th No School

April 9th: 1 km

April 10th: 1 km

April 11th: 1 km
April 15th: 1 km

April 16th: 1 km

April 17th: 1 km

April 18th: 1 km
April 22nd: 1 km

April 23rd: 1 km

April 24th: 1 km

April 25th: 1 km
April 29th: 1.5 km

April 30th: 1.5 km

May 1st: 1.5 km

May 2nd: 1.5 km
May 6th: 1.5 km

May 7th: 1.5 km

May 8th: 1.5 km

May 9th: 1.5 km
May 13th: 1.5 km

May 14th: 1.5 km

May 15th: 1.5 km

May 16th: 1.5 km
May 20th No School

May 21st No School

May 22nd: 1.5 km

May 23rd: 1.5 km
May 27th: 1.5 km

May 28th: 1.5 km

May 29th RACE DAY – 2 kms


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