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Learning Commons

Learning Commons

What is a Learning Commons?

A learning commons is a common, or shared, learning space that is both physical and virtual. A learning commons supports a student-centered approach that emphasizes active and collaborative engagement and encourages the co-creation of knowledge by all learners.

A learning commons provides individual, small and large group space, either physical and/or virtual, for instruction, social/collaborative learning, and production and presentation. It also promotes global and cultural understanding as students collaborate with their local and broader community to investigate and create solutions to complex problems.

Research shows that students who have access to quality school library services, which a learning commons perspective enables, are more likely to exhibit advanced student achievement and literacy development.

Borrowing Policies

Kindergarten to Grade Five students will have weekly opportunities to borrow books. Whether books go home or stay at school will be at the discretion of the homeroom teacher. 

Replacement fees are collected for lost and damaged books via SchoolCash Online.  Should you be charged for a lost or damaged book, you will receive an email notice describing the reason for the fee and can pay for this online. 

Lost Books:
Reminder notices are sent home with children before a book is deemed lost. If lost books are found in the same school year after payment has been made, a refund will be issued.

Damaged Books:
Normal wear and tear of library books is to be expected. However, books damaged beyond reasonable use (for example, books with missing pages, water damage, torn covers, and excessive marking or staining) will be removed from circulation and a replacement fee will be assessed.

Learning Commons