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Photo of Kathy Mundell

Mrs. Kathy Mundell


Photo of Raj Mathur

Mr. Raj Mathur

Vice-principal (on leave)

Photo of Jennifer Thomsen

Mrs. Jennifer Thomsen

Acting Vice Principal


Photo of Kendra Thackeray

Kendra Thackeray

Early Learning Educator

Photo of Hayley Platz

Hayley Platz


Photo of Debra Wenaas

Debra Wenaas

Grade 1

Photo of Megan Sheedy

Megan Sheedy

Grade 1

Photo of Esther Awosoga

Esther Awosoga

Grade 1 Montessori

Photo of Jacqueline McNeill

Jacqueline McNeill

Grade 2/3

Photo of Christine Slomp

Christine Slomp

Grade 2/3

Photo of Crystal Weitz

Crystal Weitz

Grade 2/3 Montessori

Photo of Ali Wensmann

Ali Wensmann

Grade 2/3 Montessori

Photo of Hailee Sproule

Hailee Sproule

Grade 2/3 Montessori

Photo of Jennifer Staples

Jennifer Staples

Grade 3/4

Photo of Ciona Thompson

Ciona Thompson

Acting LST (Grade 4/5)

Photo of Erin Thibeault

Erin Thibeault

Grade 4/5

Photo of Aaron Rosenke

Aaron Rosenke

Grade 4/5

Photo of Cole Olson

Cole Olson

Grade 4/5 Montessori

Photo of Jackie Schrage

Jackie Schrage

Grade 4/5 Montessori

Photo of Jennifer Thomsen

Jennifer Thomsen

LST (Acting Vice Principal)

Photo of Kerri-Lynn Haney-Vanderburg

Kerri-Lynn Haney-Vanderburg

Teacher Counsellor

placeholder image for Julena Andrew

Julena Andrew


Photo of Marissa Stringam

Marissa Stringam

Music (on leave)

Support Staff

placeholder image for Dawn Levenne

Dawn Levenne

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Danni Bendkowski

Danni Bendkowski

Speech Language Assistant

Photo of Jamie Westlund

Jamie Westlund

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Chad Romeril

Chad Romeril

Head Caretaker

placeholder image for Jolene Rodgers

Jolene Rodgers


Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Lorri Ambrosi

Lorri Ambrosi

Photo of Diane Benson

Diane Benson

Photo of Mckenzie Calvert

Mckenzie Calvert

placeholder image for Bethany Calvin

Bethany Calvin

Photo of Rochelle Ferguson

Rochelle Ferguson

Photo of Tricia Grimes

Tricia Grimes

Photo of DJ Murphy

DJ Murphy

Photo of Penny Nicholls

Penny Nicholls

Photo of Rachelle Procyk

Rachelle Procyk

Photo of Tammy Robert

Tammy Robert

Photo of Petra Schimanski

Petra Schimanski

Photo of Jennifer Suggitt

Jennifer Suggitt

Photo of Cynthia Wauters

Cynthia Wauters

Photo of Katrina Wilson

Katrina Wilson

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